Beckett Wins Best Small Employer Award

Beckett Wins Best Small Employer Award

Beckett Investment Management took home a top prize at the Best Employers Eastern Region awards held on 8th October. The company was awarded Best Small Employer following a survey involving nearly 6,000 people.

?We are delighted to have received this award because it recognises the important role all our people play in our company?s success,? said Ian White, Managing Director at Beckett. ?We continuously strive to create a harmonious work culture that gives each of our employees the opportunity to fulfil their potential.?

Beckett was selected following a survey of businesses from around Suffolk. Their head office in Bury St Edmunds employs over forty people.

?The Award shows that our people feel engaged, motivated and empowered,? added Ian. ?For a small company like ours, it?s the most important thing to get right because it leads to an environment where people genuinely care about their work and their company?s goals.?

The Best Employers Eastern Region initiative was created by eras ltd and Pure Resourcing Solutions to identify and promote the region?s best employers. The biannual awards and survey are designed to find and celebrate the region?s best employers, and to share best practice.

?Beckett is a fine example of a company that works hard to develop its people,? said Lynn Walters, director at Pure Resourcing Solutions. ?It?s widely recognised that there is a direct link between employee engagement and the performance of an organisation.?

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