New High-Growth Ethical Portfolio

New High-Growth Ethical Portfolio

Beckett Asset Management has launched a new investment portfolio, known as ‘Ethical Growth’ which is designed to deliver long-term returns while upholding ethical values.


The Bury St. Edmunds based investment manager currently oversees approximately £820 million in assets on behalf of its clients and has introduced this portfolio in response to their requests.


“The interest in sustainable investing has grown among our clients with a heightened demand for a higher-risk and, potentially, higher-rewarding version of our existing ethical multi-asset portfolio which we’ve successfully managed for nearly eight years. The new portfolio adheres to the same ethical principles but places a greater emphasis on risk assets, such as equities,” explained Samantha Owen, Director of Beckett Asset Management.


The primary objective of the portfolio is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in collective funds that predominantly consist of equity-based assets, spanning a variety of asset classes and geographical regions deemed ethical by the managers.


The portfolio incorporates exclusions to steer clear of certain sectors, such as those associated with human rights abuses and environmental concerns. Additionally, the investment team conducts thorough research to ensure alignment with the future needs of climate and society.


Tony Yousefian, a Portfolio Manager at Beckett Asset Management, noted, “There is a growing array of investment opportunities linked to the net-zero transition that present attractive potential returns.”


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